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Want To Build A House To Withstand A Hurricane?

What Does Storm Safe House Engineering Entail Exactly? Part One

EngineerWhen hurricanes hit, the biggest danger to people and property is debris, wood can become a deadly projectile that can slice through walls unless a storm safe house engineer work is done. Concrete walls are durable enough to stand up to flying debris from hurricane winds, buildings built from concrete are more storm resistant than ones built from timber or steel according to researchers at the Texas Tech University. The physical structure of a building affects its aerodynamic properties, and how it will stand up to a hurricane, sloping roofs or properties made from timber, steel, or concrete have low drag resistance, and can withstand wind forces more so than a square structure in the same area. Domes made of concrete have proven to have more durability, with the sturdy concrete construction mixed with a dome shape make these structures practically impervious to hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

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