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Want To Build A House To Withstand A Hurricane?

How Does An Engineer Build A Storm Resistant House? Part Two

Architecture projectWith appropriate design and structural engineering techniques, damage to buildings by hurricanes can be reduced. Over time several methods have been studied and tested by engineer experts that will help a structure withstand strong winds and storm surges. Planning authorities could mandate building codes in high velocity regions where buildings are more likely to withstand hurricanes or storms. A familiar problem for buildings during a hurricane is the storm surge, flooding occurs in coastal areas and waves have tremendous energy which can raze a building to the ground. A beach front property has to be able to withstand the ocean rising more than 15 feet, these buildings should be built on high ground where it is possible to avoid waves hitting the building.

The choice of materials can affect the ability of a structure to withstand hurricanes, however, it is not always possible to use these materials, if the area is vulnerable to strong winds, and it is wise to use resistant materials.

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